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Best seafood in Austin, Texas

Chef Harvey perfected his skills with seafood many years ago while living and working in Tuscany at one of Italy’s top destinations for fine food.

“When people think of authentic Tuscan cuisine,” says Chef Harvey, “it’s only natural that they think of Chianina steaks and porcini mushrooms and pappardelle with wild boar ragù. But they forget that Tuscany has an amazing coastline and the seafood, from Livorno to Grosseto, is fantastic.”

A Texan in Toscana Part 4: I moved to Tuscany and it hit me.

A Texan in Toscana, Part 4 (click the following links for Part 3, Part 2, and Part 1).

Here, in San Gimignano (Toscana), I would find the truth and simplicity of Tuscan cuisine rolled out day after day, and here, I would feel my culinary life come full circle.

This circle began over forty years ago in a small west Texas community called Decker.

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