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When it comes to Italian families, everything revolves around “la mamma.”

Even in contemporary society, mothers — whether working or stay-at-home — generally play a central role in every family member’s life.

Some say this tradition dates back to the origins of Catholicism. The Blessed Virgin Mary was a favorite subject of the Italian Renaissance painters, for example. Just think of the many depictions of Mary by artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Others believe that the mother’s traditional role in the kitchen is what made “la mamma” such an important figure in the Italian family. As you already know, family meals in Italy are sacred. And even though societal attitudes have changed greatly (just like in America), it’s usually the mother who creates the culinary magic every Sunday.

Whether your Italian or not, celebrate “la mamma” this Sunday at Siena by letting someone else do the cooking!

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