Siena Ristorante Toscana’s Chef Harvey Harris is a big believer in using local ingredients for his critically acclaimed cooking.

Not only does he source much of what he cooks from Austin-area growers and ranchers, he also keeps his own garden on the grounds of the restaurant where he cultivates seasonal ingredients, like tomatoes in summertime.

Chef Harvey is widely considered one of the best chefs working in the Italian food scene in Texas today. After all, not only did he study Italian gastronomy in Italy, but he also has worked in some of the best Italian kitchens in Italy where he lived after completing his cooking school studies there.

Local ingredients? Supremely talented chef?

Yes and yes, but “it’s the passion that makes the difference,” Chef Harvey is often heard to say. It’s about loving Italian cuisine as much Chef Harvey does that makes the food at Siena Ristorante Toscana so special.

We hope you’ll join us soon to share our passion and our love of all things Italian!

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"An Austin culinary destination."
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Austin's "most romantic restaurant" and its number-one destination for authentic Italian cuisine for 20 years.

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