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The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we all get by day to day. We started out last week hoping to provide you with the popular oft-requested featured items from Chef. We made changes optimistic we would be able to remain open to serve the community.

Unfortunately, after the ‘shelter in place’ decision became apparent, we knew the right thing to do to protect all of you and all of our team was to close.

We look forward to serving you again and sharing many memorable meals and moments together in the near future.

“We are so appreciative of those that have to be out at this time working hard to keep us safe. In order to protect many, we’ve sacrificed our open doors. While these decisions are never easy, we know the patrons we have will be back to support us when they can, and we will hopefully be able at that time to reinvigorate the market, get our staff working again, and rebound from this unprecedented loss,” owner Stan Adams notes.

"An Austin culinary destination."
—Austin Chronicle

"One of Austin's must-try pastas."
—Eater Austin

Austin's "most romantic restaurant" and its number-one destination for authentic Italian cuisine for 20 years.

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