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Taste biodynamic wines from Tuscany, Tuesday November 6 at Siena!

Ok, we know, we know: That’s a really strange photo to post on the Siena website.

What is it, anyway? Those are cow horns that have been stuffed with manure by a winemaker in Tuscany and then buried in the ground for more than six months. After the winemaker digs them up, the contents of the horns are turned into a spray that is distributed throughout the winemaker’s vineyards. It’s part of what is called today “biodynamics.”

The purpose of biodynamics is to “restore life to the soil.” But spraying all the microorganisms that grow in the horns while buried, the winemaker increases the “biodiversity” of the soils.

It’s a step above “organic” grape growing. Organic farming calls for no chemical herbicides or pesticides to be used in the fields (or vineyards in this case). Biodynamics takes it a step further by eliminating all chemicals and then restoring the “health” of the soil.

It’s an unusual and sometimes controversial approach to grape growing and winemaking. But there’s no doubt that the wines it delivers are more vibrant and “alive” than conventionally farmed wines.

On Tuesday, November 6, we will be pouring biodynamic wines by Tuscan winemaker Avignonesi at Siena (the photo comes from the Avignonesi Facebook).

Come and taste for yourself what all the fuss is about. And we’ll also be pouring a rare 2001 Vin Santo by Avignonesi. You don’t want to miss this one!

Siena Ristorante Toscana Presents:

Giuseppe Santarelli and the wines of Avignonesi
Tuesday, November 6, 2018
6:30 p.m.

$125 per person
not including tax & gratuity
pre-paid seats only

Limited availability.


Please call (512) 349-7667 to reserve now.

Please note that there will be limited seating at this event. A credit card is required in order to reserve. These events sell out quickly so please be sure to reserve at your earliest convenience in order to ensure availability. The food and wine pairing menu is available only to registered guests. Reservations may be cancelled up to one week prior to the event.

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