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“Just like in Italy!” Chef Harvey wows guests with his classic Italian touch.

On Monday of this week at the Piedmont Food and Wine Dinner, Siena executive chef Harvey Harris treated a group of lucky guests to one of northern Italy’s most illustrious dishes: Vitello Tonnato (in the photo above), slow-roasted and thinly sliced veal topped with a delicate sauce made of tuna, anchovy, and capers. It’s a classic dish of Piedmont in northwestern Italy where it is typically paired with Barolo and Barbaresco, Italy’s most famous and collectible wines (chef Harvey paired it with Barbaresco that evening).

In attendance that night, there happened to be a noted Texas-based food writer, an expert in Italian gastronomy.

“This is just like in Italy!” he proclaimed joyously at his table. “This dish is extremely hard to execute,” he explained, “and I have never had it this good outside of Italy.”

“Complimenti, chef!” he exclaimed in Italy. “My compliments to the chef!”

Here at Siena Ristorante Toscana, we take great pride in chef Harvey’s authentic Italian cooking. We believe it’s what really sets us apart from the rest and what makes for such a unique dining experience.

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