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The best place for Tuscan seafood (in Tuscany and Austin)

When Chef Harvey was studying Italian cuisine in Italy, he visited nearly every seaside town along the Tuscan coast in search of the best seafood dishes and recipes.

He made a lot of wonderful discoveries but the place he kept on coming back to again and again was Castiglione della Pescaia (above).

The name means literally “the Castle at Fisherman’s Wharf” and that’s just what it is: It’s an ancient medieval castle that looks out over one of the best stretches of beach in Europe and one its best landings for fishing boats.

One of the reasons that the seafood there is so good is that it’s such a popular place to go to the beach. And all those hungry beachgoers, whether sleeping in the many hotels or camping areas there, need a place to eat!

It’s also renowned for the high quality of the food because the warm mediterranean sea is ideal for flavorful fish and shellfish.

In fact, Chef Harvey discovered his favorite recipe for Cacciucco (Tuscan seafood stew) there. Here’s the story by that famous dish.

On Monday, July 2, Chef Harvey will be serving a menu created especially with dishes he learned how to cook there.

Click here for details. And please call (512) 349-7667 to reserve.

Image via Wikipedia (Creative Commons).

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