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The “Glera” grape is what makes Prosecco taste so good!

Those are Glera grapes in the photo above. Aren’t they beautiful?

Not only are they beautiful but they are also delicious!

Glera (pronoucned GLEH-rah) is the main grape that goes into Prosecco, the famous sparkling wine from Northeastern Italy (from the Veneto and Friuli regions).

It’s not a pretty name for a grape but it makes for some truly gorgeous wine: Bright and straw yellow in the glass, with gentle bubbles that dance on the palate, Prosecco stands apart from the crowded field of sparkling wines today thanks to its freshness, its mouth-watering citrus and white fruit flavors, and its delicate mineral character.

Virtually unknown outside of Italy until the late 1990s, today Prosecco is arguably the most popular wine in the world. It’s even taken over Champagne as the best-selling sparkling wine across the globe. And there’s good reason for that: Where Champagne can have bracing acidity that makes it hard to pair with certain foods, Prosecco is known for its wonderful approachability and food-friendliness.

The grapes in the photo above are grown in the top appellation for Prosecco, the DOCG (or “controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) area where the fruit is grown exclusively on hillsides. In other words, the vines have to be hand-tended and the berries have to be hand-picked.

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