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Wild boar, one of Tuscany’s favorite dishes

If you have ever visited Florence, Italy, you’ve probably seen the sculpture above. It’s not far from the Ponte Vecchio, right in the center of the historic downtown.

Known as the Porcellino (“the Little Piggy”), this bronze wild boar was originally created in the 17th century, inspired by an ancient Greek sculpture. Today, the original is found in the Bardini museum in Florence (it’s too valuable to be displayed in public at this point). But the replica remains one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Florentines say that it’s good luck to rub its snout.

And if you’ve ever visited Florence or Tuscany, you also know that wild boar is one of the Tuscans’ favorite dishes. Braised wild boar served over pappardelle (long broad noodles) might even be considered the “official” dish of Tuscany!

Here at Siena, Chef Harvey makes Pappardelle al Ragù di Cinghinale just like they make it in the old country. In fact, we don’t know for certain but it’s likely that Siena Ristorante Toscana serves more wild boar than any other restaurant in Texas, maybe even in America.

Image via Wikipedia Creative Commons.

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