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RIP Virginia Wood, “your honesty and generosity built the Austin Food Scene.”

Austin Chronicle food writer and restaurant reviewer Virginia Wood passed away earlier this week. Read the obituary for the beloved critic by the Austin Chronicle here.

Chef Harvey shard this remembrance on his Facebook:

VIRGINIA B. WOOD passed away last Friday. To Chefs like myself she embodied the fair and honest food critic. When I became the Chef of Mezzaluna way back in 1989 she was there to note my success and point out to Austinites that the Austin food scene was changing. (she WAS the food channel!) Soon many restaurants followed Mezzaluna and the 4th. street district was born. When I went to Italy to get my MasterChef’s certification Virginia and I communicated frequently through letters and emails, she was generous and kind enough to share my story with Austin. In my world her opinion was the only one that mattered. She was spot on, tough and fair in her critcism. When I launched Siena with Stan Adams twenty years ago Virginia was there, offering her solid, honest opinion about my cuisine. When I wanted to write a cookbook it was Virginia who urged me on and loaned me several cookbooks she had collaborated on. We both got busy and it was never finished. I still have the books she loaned me and now, when I look at them I will always remember her. R.I.P Virginia, your cakes and pies were legendary but your honesty and generosity built the Austin Food Scene. God Bless You!!

Chef Harvey Harris
Siena Ristorante Toscana

Image via Wikipedia Creative Commons.

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