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Valentine’s: Is Prosecco the perfect wine for the holiday?

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There’s no more romantic thing to drink than wine. And when it comes to wine, sparkling is arguably the most romantic of all!

Why is that? Sparkling wine has always been associated with celebration and sophistication and great style. And sparkling wine also has its titillating bubbles to put you in the mood!

Here are some of the reasons we feel strongly that Prosecco is a great wine for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

1) Prosecco is low in alcohol. When it comes to an intimate holiday like this, you don’t want to feel the weight of the alcohol.

2) Prosecco is extremely versatile at the dinner table. It makes for a great pairing with nearly anything you could be serving, from Mexican and Asian to all-American fried chicken.

3) Prosecco isn’t overly expensive. Especially if you’re staying in for the holiday, you might even want to open a second bottle.

4) Prosecco is one of the few wines that you can pair with desserts, sweets, and chocolates and candies. Especially when it comes to wines like our Prosecco Extra Dry, the sweetness of the dish won’t overwhelm the wine (why people pair red wine with chocolates has always been a mystery to us!).

5) Prosecco just looks lovely on the dinner table and its color in the glass always adds to any festive occasion.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with Prosecco when it comes to sharing a special evening with your significant other. Who doesn’t like Prosecco? We think you already know the answer to that one!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Buon San Valentino a tutti!

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