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Watch the Palio LIVE tomorrow August 16 (streaming options for watching the race)

Here at Siena we’re gearing up, as we do every year, for the running of Palio, Siena’s historic horse race which takes place every July and August.

The race will be run tomorrow at 7 p.m. Italian time. Because we are seven hours behind Italian time, that means that the race will begin at noon here in Texas. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of pageantry to watch beforehand: There will be the parade and other events, like the horses arrival on the race track, that you’ll be able to watch before the actual race begins. The parade, with all of its medieval spectacle, is one of the best parts of the whole experience.

Last week we posted this option for live streaming of the race on Siena’s web television channel 3.

But you should also be able to watch the race and parade etc. on Radio Siena TV here.

We hope that you enjoy the race as much as we do!

And you can see the complete schedule (in Italian) for the Palio and related events here (note that tomorrow’s race is the August 16 Palio, not the July Palio).

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