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Does it wiggle? Panna Cotta, the GOLD STANDARD of Italian cooking…

There’s a saying in Austin, Texas: If you can’t play guitar better than the gas station attendant at the filling station a mile outside of the city, don’t bother going in!

You could say the same thing about Panna Cotta, the classic Italian dessert. If you can’t make a great Panna Cotta, you have no business being in an Italian kitchen!

As Chef Harvey will tell you, one of the first things they teach you to make at the prestigious culinary school he attended in Italy (ICIF Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, the International School of Italian Cooking in Costigliole d’Ast, Piedmont) is how to make a Panna Cotta.

And the ultimate litmus test for a great Panna Cotta is does it wiggle or not?

Come see Chef Harvey’s Panna Cotta wiggle! You won’t be disappointed!

Please call (512) 349-7667 to reserve.

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