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A note from Chef Harvey on his NEW SUMMER menu…

Summer time is here! And just like the seasons change My fellow Chefs and I like to “adjust” our menu to take advantage of the great local seasonal ingredients and introduce our customers to many new menu items!

This Summer’s menu is a great exploration of the coastal cuisine of Tuscany as well as the surrounding islands of Sardinia and Elba. Many of the new entree’s and appetizers are inspired by Ilario Mulas, from Sardinia, one of our new cooks and Austin Green, my Sous Chef of five years. We are excited to share with our patrons our love of simple ingredients, ancient techniques and complex flavors you can find along the Italian coast.

One of my favorite ingredients to cook with is Bottarga, or cured mullet roe. This ingredient is also called “Sardinian Gold” for many reasons, it is a delicacy on par with white Alba truffles and the finest Foie Gras. This pricey ingredient is grated like Reggiano cheese on a pasta, bruschetta or salad. Imparting a wonderful, briny seafood flavor and aroma.

One of our new Summer dishes is: Pasta alla Bottarga — spaghettini pasta with shaved Bottarga, cracked red chili, garlic and olive oil

A simple, yet amazingly flavorful pasta.

Chef Harvey Harris
Siena Ristorante Toscana

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