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USA TODAY: Siena “TOP 10 ITALIAN” in Austin!

We are very proud of the fact that Siena was named one of the TOP 10 ITALIAN RESTAURANTS IN AUSTIN by USA TODAY!

Congratulations, Chef Harvey, it’s so great to see your work be recognized at a national level. You and your super food deserve it!

best italian restaurants texas

“Constructed to closely resemble an Italian Tuscan villa,” wrote Krissy Mayse for USA TODAY, “Siena begins with amazing ambiance and a serving staff that truly KNOWS what they are doing. Customers consistently comment on the quality of service received during their dining experience. Siena offers a wine selection worth talking about and for those that prefer wine by the glass, they have at least 20 different options to choose from. Prefer unique entrees? Try Coniglio alla Cacciatora, a mouth watering concoction of young rabbit braised in Chianti with pancetta, potatoes, fresh sage,thyme, porcini and stewed tomatoes. Some of us prefer a meatless dish and Siena doesn’ disappoint. One excellent suggestion is the Ravioli Ripieni con Spinaci e Carciofi. This is a tantalizing recipe that features fresh pasta stuffed with artichokes, spinach and goat cheese in a fresh basil, roasted tomato butter sauce. Delizioso! They say that cooking in Italy is a passion. Siena embodies this passion!”

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