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La Lupa (She Wolf) wins the Palio of Siena! Video of the July 2 Palio…

In case you missed it on live streaming, you can watch the Palio of Siena in the YouTube above.

The winner this time around was the Contrada of La Lupa (the Ward of the She Wolf).

It’s in Italian but even if you don’t speak or read Italian, it’s fun to check out the contrada’s website.

The image below was taken last year by our blog master while he was visiting Siena. In it, you can see the Piazza del Campo where the race is run twice a year (July and August).

Look out for updates on the August race coming soon!

Evviva la Lupa! Long live the She Wolf!

siena piazza campo

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  1. Been there to Siena and heard all about these insane century old races!

    Thanks for the video!

    July 9, 2016

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