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Chef Harvey’s wine recommendations… a new series of posts here on the Siena blog!

Wine and food, food and wine… The two go together and rarely go without each other at Siena Ristorante Toscana.

So many chefs these days are so focused on cooking that they forget that the art of pairing wine and food is one of the key elements in creating a memorable dining experience.

Ever since he first donned the chef’s toque many years ago, Chef Harvey has been a wine lover. And he is always tasting wines and creating dishes that will complement their flavors and aromas (that’s one of the reasons why our wine dinner series is so successful!).

For our first post in this series, Chef Harvey wanted to recommended the Migration Chardonnay (below), which is currently featured by-the-glass at Siena.

“Thanks to malolactic fermentation and oak aging,” says Chef Harvey, “this wine has that creamy mouthfeel that I love in California Chardonnay. It’s one of my favorite wines to pair with the many seafood dishes that I feature on the menu.”

There you have it, straight from Chef Harvey! Stay tuned for more wine recommendations…

best chardonnay austin

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