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The NEW Iberico Pork Filet at Siena

Please ask your server for our daily specials!

iberico pork

Chef Harvey is geeked to launch his new Iberico Pork Filet special (above).

The heirloom Iberico, he explains, is the only breed of pork that is so finely marbled with fat. The resulting flavor is incredibly and unforgettably rich while the filet itself is so delicate that it literally melts in your mouth (you don’t even need a steak knife to cut it!).

And as a lead-up to our February 4 Allegrini wine dinner, we are pairing it with the Allegrini Palazzo della Torre (below) “Baby Ripasso” for just $10 a glass!

As for Amarone, one of Italy’s greatest red wines, this wine is made using ripe and partially dried grapes, giving it the character of its big brother but still keeping it light and lithe on the palate. A wonderful “food” wine…

allegrini palazzo della torre

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