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Osso Buco, one of Italy’s most ancient dishes and a Siena favorite!

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Osso Buco… literally, it means “hole in the bone.”

It’s one of Italy’s most ancient and celebrated dishes — a delicacy fit for queens and kings.

And it’s also one of our guests’ favorite dishes here at Siena, where Chef Harvey waits for the cooler months of fall to bring it back to the menu each year.

Following classic Italian culinary tradition, Chef Harvey braises the veal shanks slowly for hours and hours in red wine and stock until he obtains the desired tenderness and rich flavor.

And for true gourmets, there is perhaps no greater pleasure than the sumptuous marrow in the bone (hence the name of the dish).

This year, he’s serving it over black truffle-Parmesan risotto with the traditional gremolata.

Can you think of a better way to warm on a cool autumn evening?

Buon appetito!

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