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Menu Degustazione September 8, 2015

Siena’s 3 for $38 is always a great choice and a bargain if you are unsure what to order. EveryMonday through Wednesday night our Chef with the help of his talented team puts together a “Menu Degustazione” or tasting menu. This gives the diner the opportunity to try 3 distinctive courses of handcrafted Tuscan cuisine at a responsible price !

This week we are featuring:
Insalata di Melanzane – grilled baby eggplant, toasted pine nuts, ricotta salata and capers in a smoked cherry tomato vinaigrette
Tagliatelle con Pomodori Fresca – fresh pasta, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, thyme, garlic, smoked bacon and grana padano cheese
Lombatina di Maiale – wood grilled “Tender Belly” pork loin chop glazed with truffle honey-cracked black pepper and dijon mustard with braised swiss chard and rosemary roasted potatoes
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