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“The bistecca fiorentina was cooked to perfection”: a 5-star review from a recent guest

We just wanted to share this recent review of Siena posted on TripAdvisor.

It’s always a pleasure for us to serve you and it means so much when one of our guests takes the time to say something nice about our passion for authentic Italian cuisine.

Here’s what Marukita had to say:

This restaurant has the best real Italian food in Texas. It is really hard to find good authentic Italian food in the TX, usually everything is bathed in garlic and butter and so many spices that mask the taste, so it is impossible to savor the food you are actually eating. This restaurant is completely different, food is cooked in a more simple way dishes just like they do it in Italy, so you can really taste the food.

We order almost every dish from the antipasti, they were amazing and the bistecca fiorentina was cooked to perfection. They also have the best tiramisù I tried outside of Italy.

The atmosphere is really nice [and] the building beautiful: it looks like an authentic villa toscana. This is a very classy place but the food is actually affordable, which really surprised me. I highly recommend it!

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