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Thank you, Veterans!

Every year at Siena, we observe Veterans day by buying a meal for members of the U.S. armed forces.

Here are a few of the veterans who visited us yesterday.

Thank you, veterans, for your service to our country!

We really appreciate everything you have done for us.


Jennefer Wiegrefe (left) served in the Marine Corps. from 2000-2006 and was one of the first women to see combat in Iraq in 2003. Her husband Daniel Wiegrefe (right) has served in the Navy since 1992. They were married in 2008 and Daniel speaks Italian fluently thanks to his years as the director of the Navy’s nuclear submarine base in Sardinia, Italy.


George Hebel served in the Air Force from 1968-1972. He’s lived in Austin for four years and has been coming to Siena ever since he moved here.


Vince DiLoreto (right) served in the Marine Corps. from 1964-1988. He and his wife Donna (left) were married in 1967. They are Siena regulars and rarely miss the Siena wine dinner series.

chef harvey

And don’t forget Siena Chef Harvey Harris (above), who served in the Navy from 1972-1975. “Our unofficial motto” on the U.S.S. Fiske, says Chef, was “Show us where it’s at and we’ll blow the s*&% out of it.”

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