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Chef Harvey Harris, one of Austin’s greatest culinary assets

chef harvey harris italian austin

Above: Just a few of the antipasti prepared by Chef Harvey Harris and his team for the Sassicaia-Barolo dinner on Monday night. Spoons of smoked trout mousse, granny Smith Apple and Marcona almonds. Veal tartar crostini with capers, chives and unfiltered olive oil (foreground).

In the wake of Monday’s “wine dinner of the year,” which brought some of the greatest winemakers in the world to Austin, we wanted to take a moment to thank Chef Harvey Harris and his team for the extraordinary work they did in conceiving, prepping, and executing the super meal that was served in honor of the visiting luminaries.

As the wine scene in Austin continues to expand and more and more high-profile winemakers come here, Chef Harvey’s kitchen has become their go-to destination for fine dining.

In part because Harvey’s cooking is renowned among Italian winemakers as one of the few destinations for authentic Italian and true Tuscan cuisine in Texas.

But, more importantly, because his knowledge and deft hand in haute cuisine are key ingredients in preparing dishes and menus that rise to the level of the wines.

chef harvey harris

When Piero Incisa della Rocchetta — an Italian aristocrat who travels and dines all over the world — was asked where he wanted to present his legendary “Super Tuscan” Sassicaia, his number-one choice was Siena.

Why? Because he knew that Chef Harvey and his team could deliver the right aromas and flavors to match the depth of the wines that would be poured.

After all, who knows Tuscany and Tuscan cuisine better than Harvey, the “Texan in Toscana”?

(For those of you who don’t know him, Chef Harvey studied cuisine in Piedmont and Tuscany and has worked in some of the finest kitchens in Italy.)

The current fine wine renaissance in Austin couldn’t happen if it didn’t have food that could rise to the occasion.

Thank you, Chef, for the unsung work that you do and for your superb food.

As wine lovers, we are lucky to have you here in Austin.

Jeremy Parzen
Siena webmaster

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