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Italian sundials (and new summer hours)

Please click here for Siena’s summer hours!

italian sundial

Images via Pietro Columba’s Flickr.

Here at Siena Ristorante Toscana, we love Italian sundials, which remain very popular in Italy today.

In our mechanized and digitized world, they remind us of a time before the advent of the internet, when the rays of the sun and peels of a church bell were how you told time.

We recently came across these beautiful images of twentieth-century Italian sundials, called meridiane (meridiana is the singular) in Italian, from the word meridian, “the celestial meridian as the line crossed by the sun at noon; the point on this line where it is crossed by the sun or a star at its highest point.”

Enjoy the images! And please remember that Siena has new SUMMER HOURS.

meridiana italiana

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