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WWII and Korean war Veteran Asa “Ace” Whitehead visits Siena

This Veterans Day, it was our privilege to provide lunch and dinner for many veterans. We said our thanks to them and all went out of their way to thank us. Among them was the gentleman in the photo below. I’d like to share his story with you.

military veteran austin texas

Asa Whitehead (above), better known to friends as “Ace” joined the Air Force in 1941 and as a young airman flew P40’s and P63’s during World War II. Ace distinguished himself during the Korean War, flying 125 missions in the F-86 Saberjet, shooting down two Migs and damaging two others. During his career, he flew many aircraft, including the F100, F84, and F86 Thunderjet and was part of a nuclear armed squadron during the cold war. In 1956, he won the title of Top Gun at the Worldwide Gunnery Meet held at Nellis Air Force Base, competing in both air to air and air to ground exercises against top pilots from ll over the world. Ace, now a vibrant 91 years young and a retired Lt. Colonel, greets you with a firm handshake an twinkle in his eye and still has the passion. It was truly a privilege to sit with him today at lunch.

—Stan Adams
Owner, Siena Restaurant

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  1. grosscat #

    Stan, You are a good man! Love the story and the sentiment! Cathy

    November 16, 2012
  2. Kimberly #

    Thank you Siena, and Stan, for such a kind gesture. Austin is fortunate to have you in town.

    November 16, 2012

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