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Tomatoes grown in Chef Harvey’s garden

Please note that specials are subject to availability.

One of the most beautiful things about the cuisine of Tuscany is the simplicity. Natural flavors are never covered up but instead complimented or enhanced by the addition of one or two other ingredients. While living and working as a Chef in San Gimignano Italy, I was able to experience this on a daily basis. Huge 2-4 lb Porterhouse Steaks grilled over hot coals with just a drizzle of fragrant Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt, handmade pasta with nothing more than fresh herbs and butter, wood roasted whole fish with fresh lemon and simple green salads with nothing more than vinegar and olive oil. It is truly a cuisine where less is more. It is also a cuisine that requires the absolute freshest and highest quality ingredients available. Here at Siena this is our goal, to re-create an authentic Tuscan dining experience in an atmosphere that will transport our patrons from the rolling green hills of Central Texas to the rolling green hills of Tuscany. Buon Appetito – Chef Harvey, Siena

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