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Crognolo by Tenuta Sette Ponti

Crognolo by Tenuta Sette Ponti will be featured at our Super Tuscan wine dinner on Wednesday May 9. Click here for details!

Click the image to see an enlarged version where you can see one of the bridges of Florence that inspired the name of the Sette Ponti winery.

In Italian, Sette Ponti means seven bridges. This is a reference to the seven medieval bridges that cross the Arno river on the road from Arezzo to Florence. One of these bridges is actually incorporated into the famous Mona Lisa portrait.

The estate is not only dedicated to viticulture, but agriculture as well. The family breeds horses, hosts wild pigs, and even grazes the famous Tuscan native Chianina cows.

Crognolo was the first wine to be released from Tenuta Sette Ponti, with the 1998 vintage. Named after a bush prevalent on the estate, Crognolo is a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. The vines which give us the prima materia for this elegant Super Tuscan are an average age of 25-35 years old.

The family spares no expense to craft this highly-rated wine. New French barriques are used to age the blend, resulting in a lush, velvety wine redolent of dark fruit, leather and vanilla spice — just perfect for hearty charred steak.

This is just one of the amazing wines playing a starring role in our upcoming Super Tuscan Wine Dinner. Please reserve your seat today, you don’t want to miss this one!

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