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Wine of the Week: Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay

Located in the foggy hills of the Sonoma Coast appellation, Sonoma Cutrer is a winery that knows how to grow Chardonnay.

Started in 1973, the owners planted several different grape varieties. They quickly realized that their Chardonnay was better than most as evidenced by the growing demand for their fruit from some of the top winemakers.

By 1981, the owners were ready to focus 100% on Chardonnay and start making wine under their own label. As a result, Sonoma-Cutrer has become one of the top-selling Chardonnays in America. Their philosophy is to use the best Burgundian techniques with the latest in innovative winemaking.

Fruit grown in the combined vineyards from the Russian River appellation come together to create a luscious, complex Chardonnay with notes of rich tropical fruit and flowers, all balanced and lightened by a fresh vein of acidity.

This is a wine perfect for any of our fish dishes and salads, but it is also capable of standing its ground with any of Chef Harvey’s wonderful pork offerings.

The best pairing, however, is with a friend on our flower-lined patio. Come by today and get some in your glass!

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