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Join Simi winemaker Susan Lueker Weds. March 21 at Siena!

Please call
(512) 349-7667‎
to reserve!



Simi’s unique vineyards are the genesis of our distinct wines. Our warm Alexander Valley Estate Vineyards are planted primarily to red Bordeaux varietals and are the source of Simi’s Cabernet Sauvignon. These vineyards encompass nearly 600 acres and possess some of the most diverse soils of any wine-growing region. This unique site is a result of eons of geologic activity including a catastrophic landslide which changed the course of the Russian River…

Join celebrated winemaker
Susan Lueker
of the Simi Winery
(Alexander Valley, California)
for a wine dinner
Wednesday March 21
at Siena

four courses, four wines

just $45!

(512) 349-7667‎

On the Simi Winery:

A lot of what we do at Simi is based on tradition, enhanced with cutting-edge innovation. Our philosophy has always been to maintain the quality and style that we’re recognized for, while at the same time improving our methods for growing grapes and crafting wines to reflect the experience and knowledge we have accumulated throughout the winery’s 125-year history.

Long ago we also realized the importance of Alexander Valley and knew that it would be a leading appellation for growing Bordeaux varietals. Today we showcase the region with our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot as well as our vineyard-designated Landslide Cabernet Sauvignon.

In 1989 we purchased our Russian River Valley Goldfields Vineyard and planted it to hand-selected original cuttings from some of the best and oldest vineyards in California. This innovative technique gives us the amazing diversity of flavors that has made Simi’s Russian River Reserve Chardonnay famous.

With every taste of Simi wines you’ll discover our devotion to tradition that is enhanced by our pursuit of the best vineyards, the best grape-growing methods, and the best winemaking techniques.

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