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Stan’s Wine Pick: Enamore by Bodegas Renacer

Enamore by Bodegas Renacer is not only a blend of grape varieties, but a fascinating mix of two wine making cultures — Italy and Argentina.

The idea to make this wine was born after Allegrini’s award-winning winemaker (from Italy) paid a visit to Renacer in Mendoza (Argentina) and discovered that drying the region’s best grape varieties in the style of Amarone — the famous red wine of Northern Italy — would produce an exciting and innovative new product.

The dry winds of the Andean foothills transform the Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Bonarda into intensified, almost raisinated powerhouses of flavor. This is similar to the way that Amarone is made, in that grapes are partially dried before being fermented.

The pressed juice is fermented in stainless steel on its native yeasts, then further refined in new French oak barrels for an impressive 12 months. The result is a deep and powerful wine, full of dark red fruit and rich spice.

This is such a thrilling wine for us here at Siena because it shows the best of the old world and the new! Come by and try a wine that has captured the hearts of Stan and our staff.

For $59 it is a truly outstanding value.

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