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Wine of the Week: Orvieto Classico by Ruffino

Above: The cool breeze off of Lake Trasimeno in Umbria allows winemakers to craft fresh, clean, bright wines, like the 2010 Orvieto Classico, featured by the glass at Siena.

Here at Siena, we love Italian cuisine and Tuscan cuisine in particular. And we also love Italian wine.

Although our list features some of the greatest wines from Tuscany — a region known more for its red wines than its whites — we also look to other regions for some of the great labels we proudly serve at the restaurant, like the 2010 Orvieto Classico by Ruffino.

The grapes for this crisp, bright wine are grown near the shores of Lake Trasimeno (pictured above) in Umbria, just east of Tuscany. The breezes from the body of water help to cool the grapes during warm summer months, when the final ripening occurs. As a result, the wines attain freshness and ripe white fruit flavors.

After all, we cannot live by Tuscan wine alone!

Ruffino 2010 Orvieto Classico $7 by the glass at Siena.

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