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Thanking our Veterans…

Above: Stan Adams (left) owner of Siena shaking hands with Billy Ely (right), a veteran who is one of Siena’s favorite guests. Billy flew the decidedly UNFRIENDLY skies for our country, piloting the famed U2 spy plane.

Last Friday, Veteran’s Day, Siena was fortunate to host about two dozen Veteran’s and buy their meal as a small token of gratitude for the freedoms that we enjoy every day. It was truly an honor to meet many of them and humbling to have them thank us, when it is they that freely put their lives at risk. One veteran insisted that he pay for his meal and insisted that we instead apply our offer to the wife of a another veteran. Another simple moment of of honor and respect. The highlight was meeting World War II vets, now 90 years old. Despite often being frail in health and sometimes in a wheelchair, these gentleman heroes still carry themselves with power, grace, and a commanding presence, looking you straight in the eye and greeting you with a firm handshake and a confident voice. Our time to thank them is growing short.

—Stan Adams, owner

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  1. Billy Ely #

    Stan, thank you for the recognition and the delicious meal afforded me on Veteran’s Day. It is always a pleasure to come to my favorite restaurant, enjoy the ambiance, partake in a glass or two of your superb wines and share the events pf my day with Matt, the bartender. Cheers, Billy

    November 17, 2011

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