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Asparagus: The quintessential Italian Easter vegetable!

Click here for Chef Harvey’s Easter Brunch menu.

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We’ve written before about how Italians love Easter. Most would say that it’s their favorite holiday.

Part of the reason why it’s such a popular holiday in Italy is because — as you already know — Italians love food and the Easter feast is a celebration of springtime and springtime vegetables.

No Italian Easter meal is complete without asparagus, the quintessential spring vegetable and a classic ingredient in Easter menus.

This year, Chef Harvey is doing a Fettunta di Asparagi: Grilled Asparagus, Sunny Side Up Duck Egg, Black Pepper Bacon, Grilled Fettuna.

A “fettunta” is a classic Tuscan dish that many of you may know as “bruschetta.”

In Tuscany they call it fettunta which literally means, fetta unta, or oil-dressed slice [of bread].

In Tuscany, they take yesterday’s stale bread and grill it over an open fire. Then they rub it with garlic and drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil.

Chef Harvey will be serving his fettunta this year topped with gorgeous spring asparagus.

Sounds delicious right?

Click here for his Easter Brunch menu.

Easter Menu 2018 is HERE!

Chef Harvey’s Easter Menu 2018 follows below.

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Click here for a PDF version of Chef Harvey’s Easter menu.

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One of the best wine lists in Austin and winner of the Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence” 2 years in a row!

Above: One of the Barolos we served at a Siena wine dinner earlier this year.

Did you know that Siena Ristorante Toscana has been honored with the Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence” 2 years in a row!

It’s all thanks to our wine director Rina De Guzman, who not only runs our program but also organizes our popular wine dinner series (click here to sign up for our email newsletter to learn more about upcoming events).

According to the editors, the magazine’s “Restaurant Awards recognize restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate to their cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers.”

“These wine lists feature a well-chosen assortment of quality producers, along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style. Whether compact or extensive, focused or diverse, these lists deliver sufficient choice to satisfy discerning wine lovers.”

Congratulations to Siena and to Rina for this much deserved and prestigious award!

Click here for the Siena entry on the Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards website.

Easter in Italy (in Austin)…

Click here for Chef Harvey’s Easter menu.

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There is no holiday more “Italian” than Easter.

Yes, Christmas is a big holiday for Italians, too. No doubt about it.

But Easter is the family gathering (and three-day weekend!) that nearly every Italian travels home for. And there’s a good reason for that: Easter marks the arrival of spring and the bounty of springtime produce that comes along with the season. Family, great food, and a favorite holiday: It’s a recipe for a great time to be together.

Chef Harvey has put together yet another show-stopping menu for this year’s Easter Sunday brunch. Click the link below to view.

If you can’t make it to Italy this year for the Italians’ favorite holiday, you can experience the aromas and flavors of an authentic Italian Easter menu right here in Austin, Texas!

Happy Easter, everyone! Buona pasqua a tutti!

Click here for Chef Harvey’s Easter menu.

RIP Virginia Wood, “your honesty and generosity built the Austin Food Scene.”

Austin Chronicle food writer and restaurant reviewer Virginia Wood passed away earlier this week. Read the obituary for the beloved critic by the Austin Chronicle here.

Chef Harvey shard this remembrance on his Facebook:

VIRGINIA B. WOOD passed away last Friday. To Chefs like myself she embodied the fair and honest food critic. When I became the Chef of Mezzaluna way back in 1989 she was there to note my success and point out to Austinites that the Austin food scene was changing. (she WAS the food channel!) Soon many restaurants followed Mezzaluna and the 4th. street district was born. When I went to Italy to get my MasterChef’s certification Virginia and I communicated frequently through letters and emails, she was generous and kind enough to share my story with Austin. In my world her opinion was the only one that mattered. She was spot on, tough and fair in her critcism. When I launched Siena with Stan Adams twenty years ago Virginia was there, offering her solid, honest opinion about my cuisine. When I wanted to write a cookbook it was Virginia who urged me on and loaned me several cookbooks she had collaborated on. We both got busy and it was never finished. I still have the books she loaned me and now, when I look at them I will always remember her. R.I.P Virginia, your cakes and pies were legendary but your honesty and generosity built the Austin Food Scene. God Bless You!!

Chef Harvey Harris
Siena Ristorante Toscana

Image via Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Homemade, handmade pasta, everyday at Siena…

It wouldn’t be authentic Italian cuisine unless the pasta is homemade, handmade, everyday fresh at Siena Ristorante Toscana!

Ever since he studied Italian gastronomy in Italy (now more than 15 years ago, as he prepared to open Siena), Chef Harvey has worked to perfect his homemade pasta recipe. And if we do say so ourselves, it tastes just like mamma’s back in the old country.

Please call (512) 349-7667 to reserve.

In Italy, even the FOOD IS BEAUTIFUL!

From Roman times through the Renaissance and the modern era, Italians have constantly been surrounded by beauty.

There’s the natural beauty of their country, with its mountains, beaches, vineyards, farmland, and forests.

There’s the humanmade beauty of its cities and architecture, including the famous Renaissance palazzi of Florence, the Baroque churches of Naples and Puglia, and the Byzantine palaces that line the Grand Canal in Venice.

Of course, there’s also the beauty of the Italian people, known for their passion and their love of life!

So it’s only natural that Italian food would also be beautiful.

Here at Siena Ristorante Toscana, we honor that age-old tradition with food that not only tastes good but looks good, too! After all, it wouldn’t be Italian if it weren’t beautiful.

Please call (512) 349-7667 to reserve.

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