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Holiday hours at Siena: closed Thursday all day, closed Friday lunch

Please note that Siena will be closed, Thursday, November 26, in observance of Thanksgiving Day.

We will also be closed at lunch on Friday, November 27, and will reopen that evening for dinner.

We wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your continued support.

Happy Holidays from the family at Siena Ristorante Toscana!

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Homemade ravioli: You can TASTE the difference!

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The other day, a guest remarked to Chef Harvey that he couldn’t believe how uniform Siena’s ravioli were.

How could they be homemade, he wondered out loud, if they are all the exact same size?

Chef Harvey chuckled and politely explained that uniformity in stuffed pasta (like his classic ravioli, above) is a point of pride among the great chefs of Italy.

When he trained and studied at culinary school in Italy, Chef Harvey learned the ancient technique of using ravioli cutters to craft the perfectly shaped filled pasta.

“No self-respecting Italian chef would serve ravioli that weren’t perfectly uniform in size and shape,” Chef Harvey told the guest.

All of Chef Harvey’s pastas are made in-house, every day, fresh.

One sheet is placed on a pastry board and then the filling is gently (and uniformly) distributed over the sheet.

A second sheet is then placed over it. And at the point, Chef Harvey’s team carefully uses their custom-made ravioli cutters, which are imported from Italy, to shape these lovely pillows.

These are not machine-made. They are made with the loving care that only Chef Harvey can deliver.

And you can TASTE the difference!

The art of Italian food at Siena…

Chef Harvey’s creativity and talent never cease to amaze us!

Please call (512) 349-7667‎ to reserve.

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Osso Buco, one of Italy’s most ancient dishes and a Siena favorite!

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Osso Buco… literally, it means “hole in the bone.”

It’s one of Italy’s most ancient and celebrated dishes — a delicacy fit for queens and kings.

And it’s also one of our guests’ favorite dishes here at Siena, where Chef Harvey waits for the cooler months of fall to bring it back to the menu each year.

Following classic Italian culinary tradition, Chef Harvey braises the veal shanks slowly for hours and hours in red wine and stock until he obtains the desired tenderness and rich flavor.

And for true gourmets, there is perhaps no greater pleasure than the sumptuous marrow in the bone (hence the name of the dish).

This year, he’s serving it over black truffle-Parmesan risotto with the traditional gremolata.

Can you think of a better way to warm on a cool autumn evening?

Buon appetito!

Panna Cotta, the Italian chef’s litmus test

panna cotta 2 best web ready

There’s a saying often repeated by Austin-based musicians: If you can’t play guitar better than the gas station attendant one mile outside of town, don’t even bother going in.

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Panna Cotta — meaning literally, cooked cream — is one of the benchmarks for any chef.

If you can’t make it wiggle without falling down, the wisdom goes, don’t even bother stepping into the kitchen.

Chef Harvey learned to make Panna Cotta when he studied under some of the best chefs in Italy. Come and see it wiggle and you’ll understand just what a talent he is!


wild boar ragu recipe best austin texas

Above: Chef Harvey’s classic boar ragù served with housemade pappardelle, a Tuscan classic!

Chef Harvey’s FALL MENU is HERE! And it features a range of new dishes that he’s created using seasonal ingredients.

That doesn’t mean that Chef Harvey has abandoned Siena classics like boar ragù served over housemade pappardelle (above), his famous ravioli (also housemade), and the bistecca fiorentina, which is now served as a special for two persons, including a 32 oz. Porterhouse steak, green salads, rosemary roasted potatoes, sautéed fresh spinach, and tiramisu for dessert.

Come check out what Chef Harvey has been working on in the kitchen!

And for our daily specials, please follow us on Instagram where we’ve been updating our feed on a nearly daily basis!

Seafood, landfood… Chef Harvey’s got it all!

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At Siena Ristorante Toscana, Chef Harvey Harris sources his seafood only from the finest purveyors, with much of it arriving daily via overnight courier.

When people think of Tuscan cuisine, beef and wild boar are the foods that first come to mind.

But Tuscany lies on the Mediterranean: the Tuscan coast is home to some of the best seafood in Europe — and the world!

Seafood, landfood… Chef Harvey’s got it all!

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